Catalog Nomenclature and Searching

A search of our catalogs will produce results that appear like the samples below. The most important elements to remember for ordering purposes are the Catalog Number and Titles.  Series Titles (Media Catalog only) are not items that you can order directly — individual items in the series must be ordered.

Media Catalog Sample

Print Catalog Sample


You can search our Media and Print Catalogs via one or more of the search criteria listed below. Using more than one criteria will narrow your search.

  1. Text/Keywords: Enter any words or phrase that you would like to search for in the catalog. This search criteria is matched against the Catalog Number, Title, Annotation, Topic, and Series Title for the Media Catalog, and is matched against the Catalog Number, Title, Subtitle, Author, Publisher, and Subject for the Print Catalog. The text you enter is considered to be one search string. For example, "youth ministry" (without the quotes) will be searched for as one phrase. Text or keyword search is not case sensitive.
  2. Media Type (applies to Media Catalog only): The two letters at the beginning of the Catalog Number signify the type of media as follows:
    • CD - Music CD
    • DV - DVD
    • MC - Music Cassette
    • VC - Video Cassette
  3. Age (applies to Media Catalog only): Signifies the intended age of the audience as follows:
    • A - Adults
    • E - Early Childhood
    • I - Intermediate
    • J - Junior High
    • P - Primary
    • S - Senior High
  4. Location: We have two Media Centers from which you may order:
    • d - Dayton area
    • s - Sidney area

NOTE: Items will be listed 25 at a time. If more than 25 items are found, scroll to the bottom of the page to continue in the list.


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